A tiny lightbox tool.

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I wasn't quite satisfied with available lightbox tools (such as fancybox, lightbox, lightbox2 and colorbox, to name a few). Somehow I always felt they do too much. Too long animations. Next/previous controls that change their position. Spinners that look too playful and don't fit on my page.

So here's a really simple lightbox: Photon. It puts images of your choice in a lightbox. There are click controls to cycle through the images and they have a fixed position. Alternatively feel free to use your keyboard (arrow keys left/right and escape). Close Photon by clicking on the grey area. That's it.

Also: It's tiny. Minified JS and CSS weigh 4 KB combined. Because it's a jQuery Plugin since version 2 it works in ALL of the browsers.



Available here.


Select your images and call Photon on them.

$( "img" ).Photon();

That's about it. If you'd like to group certain photos (because Photon cycles them), you need to call Photon() on every group.


Options may be passed as an argument:

$( "img" ).Photon({
    caption: false

Available options:


Please feel free to alter Stylus variables in src/photon.stylus as you wish.